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BUZZ TV - 5 Minutes With Jada Williams from Prestige Workforce

Each week on 5 Minutes With, our host Howard Wolpoff talks to buzz worthy people about buzz worthy things. This week, Howard talks to Jada Williams from Prestige Workforce.

We are a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. We are also vendors for the state of Florida's Vocational Rehabilitation program. Our goal is to help individuals with mental and physical disabilities gain meaningful employment in Jacksonville. Educating local employers about the advantages of hiring unique employees is another goals of ours. I am an individual with a invisible disability and I want to help inspire others to think outside the box to the limitless opportunities of careers they can aspire to have. By having the opportunity to help someone else with heir dreams. To me that is success when you have the knowledge and resources to pass on to help someone.

To learn more, visit prestigeworkforce.org

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