• Howard Wolpoff

BUZZ TV - 5 Minutes With with David Stackhouse, Positive Energy

Each week on 5 Minutes With, our host Howard Wolpoff talks to buzz worthy people about buzz worthy things. This week on the show, Howard has an electrifying conversation with Positive Energy founder, David Stackhouse.

Positive Energy has over 6 years of experience in All Battery sales, installation, and recycling. in NE Florida. Our company also serves as a conductor of Positive Energy in the community! Our business model incorporates continuous charitable donations and volunteerism. Our knowledge of thousands of types of batteries, differences in quality, their applications, how to install them, and our integrity towards a public who has very little knowledge of them uniquely positions us as a consultant to companies with various battery needs!

To learn more, visit their facebook page at facebook.com/positiveenergies.

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