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BUZZ TV - 5 Minutes With with Michele McManamon, Operation New Uniform

Each week on 5 Minutes With, our host Howard Wolpoff talks to buzz worthy people about buzz worthy things. This week on The Buzz, Howard speaks to Michele McManamon, executive director of Operation New Uniform.

Many veterans are frustrated by the lack of real opportunities accessible to them after they transition from the military. Although educated, trained and skilled, these veterans often find themselves less competitive in the professional marketplace compared to those on a more traditional path.

At Operation New Uniform we understand these challenges, even faced them ourselves, and are prepared to address them in a team environment built by a strong infrastructure of successful professionals. We focus on changing strategies, growing confidence, gaining skills and getting results. We offer training and development programs, resources and professional networks in our relentless pursuit of the professional success of the veterans we serve.

Veterans understand tactics better than anyone. At Operation New Uniform™, we embrace a corporate culture of TACTICS to guide our efforts and reach our goals.

To learn more about Operation New Uniform, visit their website at onuvets.org.

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