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BUZZ TV - 5 Minutes With with Vic Zimet, Home Team Productions

Each week on 5 Minutes With, our host Howard Wolpoff talks to buzz worthy people about buzz worthy things. This week on The Buzz, Howard speaks to Vic Zimet from Home Team Productions.

Vic: "I am an indie doc filmmaker, I am now producing videos for all occasions. I do Wedding videos, Naval Retirements, community theater. I also am producing numerous documentaries, one with a gifted speech pathologist, two more with musicians. In the case of wedding videos, I call them love stories. I shoot with the couple beforehand , shooting an interview and B-roll to construct a backstory. every production brings out the personality of the subject. With a naval retirement I don't just shoot the ceremony. I take a tour of the base with the subject again constructing an opening to illustrate their career. While the budgets are minuscule compared to the budgets I worked with in NY, I still bring the same love and care to each carefully crafted project. I like to call myself the last of the independents. Creating on a daily basis and living life on my terms is what success means to me now. Making people happy, knowing I am giving them a keepsake they will treasure the rest of their lives is very rewarding."

To learn more about Vic or Home Team Productions, visit their website at hometeamproductions.tv

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