• Howard Wolpoff

Buzz TV - “5 Minutes With” with Kelly Dyer, SourceFuse

Each week on 5 Minutes With, our host Howard Wolpoff talks with Buzzworthy people about Buzzworthy things. This week, Howard talks to Kelly Dyer, the CEO of SourceFuse. To learn more about SourceFuse or Kelly, visit his website at sourcefuse.com.

Kelly: "We are a global team of 150 technologists that drive digital transformations by leveraging cutting-edge cloud computing and streamlined user experiences. We help companies build and launch software products, and drive internal efficiency through technological innovation. We take a partnership focus with our clients and bring strategy, insight, and 13 years of experience building next-generation applications to the table to do more than just be a software vendor. We are one of the few Amazon AWS Advanced Consulting partners in the southeast and have deep expertise in leveraging AWS and the cloud."

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