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Buzz TV - “5 Minutes With” with Kelly Hawkins of The Daily Rally

Each week on 5 Minutes With, Howard Wolpoff interviews BuzzWorthy people about BuzzWorthy things.

This week Howard spoke to Kelly Hawkins of The Daily Rally. The Daily Rally is a sports media platform created by Kelly Hawkins with the female audience in mind. She found her friends care about staying informed about sports, but don't have a media outlet that speaks to them. The daily newsletter, video content and podcast take a human-interest approach to reporting sports news and reads like you are having a conversation with your sports-savvy friend. TDR talks to the female audience like no other sports media outlet currently does, because it is never condescending and treats its audience like the smart, capable people they are. In addition to reaching the young professional female audience, Kelly found that both men and women of all ages resonated with TDR. Whether you are looking for a quick way to stay up to date, or want to have a laugh with your sports news, TDR can serve you. Additionally, The Daily Rally found that many companies who are in the sports industry resonated with The Daily Rally voice. The company has been hired to create branded content to better help brands connect with their audience. The future of TDR will include expanded coverage of specific teams and leagues and more partnerships within the sports industry. To learn more, visit their website at thedailyrally.com.

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