• Howard Wolpoff

Buzz TV - Rusty Bozman, Workplace Synergistics, Inc.

Each week on 5 Minutes With, Howard Wolpoff interviews BuzzWorthy people about BuzzWorthy things. This week Howard spoke to Rusty Bozman, from Workplace Synergistics, Inc.

Workplace Synergistics, Inc. is a human capital management, training and organizational development consulting firm specializing in optimizing all aspects of acquiring, managing, engaging and developing organizational talent. Most of our clients are small to medium – sized organizations (50 – 5,000 employees) facing growth challenges and require next-level structures, tools, processes and “ready now” talent to take on increasing responsibility and deliver greater business impact. To help clients meet these challenges, Workplace Synergistics has the primary goals of providing each client with a level of value, sophistication, and quality typically reserved for larger organizations. We approach all of our clients with candid assessments, transparency in pricing and fees, work product excellence and sound advice.

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