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Do Not Abandon Your Blog!


You hear this word constantly. Content is king and it will drive followers and followers have the potential to become customers.

Blogging has been an important part of SEO and building up your standing with Google. It has provided companies with an outlet to tell stories and sales and industry information, but in a casual way. It has been an important relationship builder between the company and the general public.

It does not come without its disadvantages. It is a lot of work. Many companies have their go to person for blogging. However, if that person leaves the company many have been left with out that voice, or that confident writer, and have mistakenly let their blog go dormant. It is important to keep that voice constant and scheduled regularly so not to lose that open conversation that your prospects and customers have grown comfortable with and the Google has based the rewards of higher rankings because of.

Small businesses have also tackled the big job of being active in social media. So much attention is focused on creating content on the social media sites that it may have challenged the creation of fresh content on the business’s website.

There are many cautionary stories told about businesses who built up years of content and community on a social network only to have that network shut down or, even more concerning, have had their content deleted.

Also, if someone in your company chooses to delete your Facebook page (yes, there are disgruntled employees that have done that) you probably will not be able to get your page restored with all the likes, reviews and comments that you have generated over time. Have you ever tried to get Facebook on the phone? Not easy.

There is a significant place in your company’s marketing for social media, but it will not replace the benefits of your blog on your own website.

Blogging is a powerful tool that works hand in hand with your social media profiles to build relationships and win over new clients and customers. Posting your latest blog post on your Facebook page and Twitter feed is a great way to drive traffic back to your website.

Don’t walk away from your blog because you have writers block. Don’t stress. There are so many great ideas out there to write about and Share. Ask your friends, your customers, research your competition. The right idea will present itself. And so will the next one.

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