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How many hats do you wear during your business day?

How many hats do you wear? In an era where men and women only wear hats for a special occasion or when they do not want to brush their hair prior to leaving the house, we find that businesspeople attempt to wear many different hats during the course of their day. For some, they have spent years of schooling and additional years in the business world developing themselves into industry experts. For others, they have taking to wearing them out of necessity.

There are far too many business owners who wear their company’s marketing hat. Marketing is an incredibly important component to a successful business and when not given the proper focus and attention can limit the ability to develop leads, customers and most importantly sales. The largest sales component is the company website, and left unmonitored or improperly developed can drive many more potential customers away that the limited amount that you are somehow able to develop.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune recently shares the details of a survey of Small Business Owners on the biggest mistakes starting out on their businesses. The leading answer on what they would spend more money on is marketing (20%) and 38% would devote more of the company’s time resources to sales and marketing.

Experts know their industry well. They do not know how to do some of the basic tasks of others. Does a painter know how to do surgery? Does an airline pilot know how to fix an air conditioner? Absolutely not. However many business owner believe they can design and monitor a website.

There are many reasons why this is not a hat they should be wearing.


How much time does a business owner have in their day? They are already using way more that the 24 allotted to manage their business and handle all of the other hats they may be trying to wear at the same time. Trying to set up a website, whether through an attempt to learn and use Wordpress, or even using a make your own website site is not the best use of time or will it give you the professional site that you need as the first face of your company. Additionally, why would you waste your time trying to build a website at the expense of anything else you need to do?


Lets look at some other basic facts. What would you think of the customer who comes into your store after trying to fix it by himself? Now look in the mirror while you are building your own website. You may figure out what to do, but will it look professional? Could it drive customers away to a competitor whose site looks more professional?

You do not understand the concepts of web layout

I’m sure you have visited a website that has a hard to navigate layout or just looks bad. How about a site that is not mobile friendly? How strong is your understanding on why that happens? A major pitfall of doing it yourself is that you may create a site that no one wants to visit.

You do not understand SEO

Let’s start with an easy question. Do you know what SEO stands for? If the answer is no, then no need to go any further. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the coding placed on the back end of a website so that your site can be found when people enter three to four keywords into Google to find a business they have a need for. It allows the opportunity to be found on the first page.

Did you know that 75% of people who use Google don’t scroll past the first page of results. Proper SEO is necessary to provide your site a chance to be found.

Your website doesn’t have a blog

An easy way to show your expertise to potential customers is through a blog. In fact, according toHubSpot, blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information. Plus, an easy way to help improve your SEO and avoid design and layout problems is through a blog. However, a blog takes a lot of time and it is time that is important and you definitely do not have.

We know that you are an expert in your industry, but that does not make you professional website designer.

It is very important that you allow for the best possible site for your business. And to do that, you need to outsource to experts that can help you with the design and SEO. You will also need them to assist you with Reputation Management, Listing Management and Social Media Management. All vital components to the marketing success of your site and business.

If you need assistance with your website, give us a call. We have some incredibly affordable small business packages that can give you a professional, SEO-friendly business website.

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