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Marketing to Men

It's amazing how the marketing world looks at men. Are they viewed as the bread winners? The family decision makers? People of influence? No. They are seen as beer drinkers, doing goofy things with their buddies and not knowing which end of a baby to diaper. All of which are far from the truth.

Well, maybe not far from the truth, but it is clear that Madison Avenue does not see men for who they are and for their true buying potential. Did you know that:

· Three in ten (29%) men say they’re “the best shopper in the household,” and one-fifth (21%) of married men concur.

· Nearly six in ten (57%) men say they totally or mostly use research and planning for their purchasing, rather than rely on impulse.

· When it comes to major expenditures – buying or leasing a car, buying or renting a home or apartment, purchasing major appliances (washer, refrigerator, TV) – six in ten men (59%) say it’s their call or that they have a key role in the decision

· As importantly, more than three-fourths (77%) of married women say that the recommendation of their spouse is “very important” when it comes to buying expensive items for the family.

· For smaller items – costing under $500, such as clothing, small electronics, and entertainment – men are big players, too. Seven in ten (69%) of the men say they make the decision themselves or are a key player.

· On many items, men are either major influencers or they lead the way toward making the key spending decisions. Looking at purchases where each gender is the sole decision maker or mostly makes the call, men trump women in the following key areas:

o Automotive related (model/brand, selection of dealership, maintenance)

o Investing

o Alcohol

o Sporting events

o Electronics & media

o Home improvements

o Landscaping & gardening

· Two-thirds of men (67%) and more than half (55%) of the females in our sample agree that “today’s male is more involved in the shopping/buying decisions than when I was growing up.”

· Three in ten (31%) of men are single. Clearly, these are the guys who are making all the decisions in their households. Pass on them, and advertisers miss out on a big part of any male-based radio station’s influential audience.

· From a real estate standpoint, men have clout. They are more likely to be home or condo owners. More than seven in ten (71%) are in this role, compared with only two-thirds of our female sample.

· Men are also into loyalty/frequent shopper cards. Eight in ten (80%) have one of some kind, especially those who are married and/or have children living at home.

· Men lead the way for card usage for hardware, travel (airlines, car rental, hotels), and electronics.

This data comes from the Jacobs Media Marketing to Men survey. It shows that not only should men be considered when planning a marketing campaign, they actually should be directly marketed to. Not just for beer, but for everyday products, for big ticket items and for products in between. So what would be the best method of marketing to men in Jacksonville, Florida? It would make the most sense to direct your marketing dollars where you know the men are. Where the men of this city have developed an interactive relationship. On air. On line. Through social media. 1010XL - 92.5 FM is the top sports radio station in North Florida and one of the leading stations for male listeners in the market. We are very proud of the relationships, and response our sponsors have received form our listeners. Perhaps we can provide the same strong marketing ROI for you and your business. Look forward to creating an interactive dialogue about marketing to men in Jacksonville (and to women too) and how 1010XL can provide the marketing edge your business has been seeing

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