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Research Study Shows 57% of Search Traffic is Now Mobile

BrightEdge, a leading provider of web-wide, real-time measurement of digital content engagement data, has issued a new report that states 57% of search traffic is now coming from smartphones and tablets.

Their research shows the continued trend away from desktop/laptop searching and includes data stating that ranking positions for a sizable majority of keywords were distinctive based on a search on mobile versus desktop.

A staggering 79% of all keywords rank differently on desktop searches when compared to mobile, including 47% of those being keywords in positions 1-20. Site owners may also be missing opportunities when it comes to the visibility of their most important pages. BrightEdge also found that search results will vary at least 35% of the time as to which website will appear first.

They state in their research that “the shift towards mobile disrupts the traditional buyer’s journey by highlighting new opportunities to answer questions faster, buy easier, and find physically proximate resources.”

Brands need to track and optimize for both device channels. If not, they are likely to misunderstand the opportunities and threats affecting them when users are shifting their search preferences as we are seeing and have seen trending for a while.

There is a significant need to assess the proportion of their traffic coming from mobile and desktop. The need for a fast, mobile-optimized site is imperative considering the divergent organic rank and clickthrough rates for mobile and desktop. Understanding which device is more important will allow for the best decisions as to which one should be their primary optimization focus.

In watching this data, and staying current with trends, your company can win the ever challenging battle of successful organic ranking.

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