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The Optimal Length of a Video on Social Media

When a video pops up on your Facebook feed, what do you usually do first? My guess is that you take a peek at its length, ponder whether it's worth your time, and let that thought process influence whether or not you press play.

Once you do actually press play, how many times have you abandoned the video just a few seconds in and scrolled down to the next post? I know I have. I don't finish half the Facebook videos I start.

Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, which is why using video is such a valuable marketing tool. However, attention spans seem to be shorter and shorter these days, with multiple alerts binging on everyone’s smart phones, work and actual necessary human interaction all taking precedent over each other at a given time. People are tempted to breakaway from what every they are doing to acknowledge any activity on their phone.

Knowing that people lack patience, video marketers need to tailor content to adapt to dwindling attention spans. In fact, according to vidyard.com, 56% of all videos published in the last year are less than 2 minutes long.

But marketers have to tailor their videos to the length expectations of the various platform viewers. If not, you will lose their interest and the attention that have been giving to your brand or product, they will leave and start to watch another brand.

To help you better engage your audience on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, here is research done by HubSpot which shows the optimal video length for the most popular video channels

INSTAGRAM – 30 Seconds

According to HubSpot, the Instagram videos that received the most comments averaged 22 seconds. As Instagram is the most visual, users will scroll the fastest on it, and through a long video.

TWITTER – 45 Seconds

HubSpot calculated that Twitter’s #VideoOfTheDay averaged 43 seconds. Twitter users are accustomed to short updates, usually in 140 character statements. The expectation of being brief applies to video as well.

FACEBOOK – 1 Minute

Facebook audiences engage the most with one minute long videos. These short length videos allow viewers to quickly like or share before scrolling down to the next piece of content.

YOU TUBE – 2 Minutes

Videos that engage the most on YouTube are within the two minute range.

If you want the views, you need to make sure that you create your video the optimal size for your viewer and their chosen platform. A little extra work that will truly help you and your brand or product get the results you are seeking.

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